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Portable UVC Sanitizer Machine-Mobile-Promo

Portable UVC Sanitizer Machine-Mobile-Promo

SKU: Uvcportdevucemobile
It is a multi-function UV sanitizer box, which has disinfection and aromatherapy functions. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.Did you know...Cell phone sanitizer is a more efficient, safe and convenient cleaning method. It can completely disinfect your phone, even the crevice that the cloth could not reach. Sterilization is easy and fast, only need 6 minutes. Just put your phone in the box while you leave or charge overnight. Clean Anywhere and Anytime!This smartphone sanitizer is charged by a universal USB cable. You can connect it to your power bank, laptop, USB plug. Its size is small as a notebook and can be put into your bag easily. You can do cleaning whenever at home, work or travel. The Best Gift for Your Family, Friends. It comes with a white gifted box. A great gift for these people who care more about their health.*No Returns or Exchanges*Please note that we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to your personal devices.
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    $29.99Sale Price
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