Fresh & Finer Mist Sprayer

Fresh & Finer Mist Sprayer

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Sanitize your belongings in style at all times. 
Completely portable and rechargeable.  
Designed as a mini size, allowing you to keep it with you throughout the day. 

The soft mist spray allows for smooth feeling whenever needing to disinfect your hands or your belongings. 

How to Use

1. Rotate counterclockwise to open the sanitizer filling tank.

2. After opening, fill the water tank with a quarter sanitizer or cleaner, and fill the rest with water.

3. After adding water, turn it clockwise to tighten the sanitizer tank

4. Double click the power button to spay the sanitizer to disinfect the things.


Power supply: USB charging 
Battery capacity: 1400mAh
Battery time: 2-3 Hours of use

1 x Nano™ Portable Disinfectant Spray
1 x USB Cable
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